You’ve applied skill and determination to build your business, but one liability claim could threaten or destroy all you have worked to achieve. Even if your business takes steps to reduce the risk of claims and litigation, a third party could sue your business for injury or damages as a result of your operations, products, services and decisions.

NorthBridge understands the implications of liability claims against a business. Our insurance professionals can help you identify and prioritize your company’s exposures, then structure Business Liability coverage to help protect your company, assets and reputation. And should a claim of liability arise, NorthBridge can guide you through the process.

By helping our clients make informed business decisions, we build their trust and exceed their expectations. So get protection and talk with NorthBridge today.

Liquor Liability

Any business that sells, serves or manufactures liquor needs liquor liability coverage. In some cases it can be added to your Business Package policy.

Cyber Liability

Every business that collects and/or stores information about their customers is vulnerable to a cyberattack. The bad guys are always finding new “back doors” to get in, so keep your network defenses strong—and have the right insurance in place.

Management Liability

Businesses both for profit and not for profit have the responsibility to protect their officers and directors from liability arising from the decisions they make. Employment Practices including wrongful termination, discrimination and harrassment as well as other areas also leave your directors and officers open to claims. The NorthBridge insurance professionals can assist in evaluating your potential exposure in these areas.

Foreign Liability

When you or your employees travel abroad on business, your company is exposed to situations not covered by your domestic insurance coverage. Foreign liability insurance can provide the protection your business needs.

Pollution Liability

Property owners may have exposure from underground storage tanks, solvents and chemicals used in manufacturing and janitorial services. Contractors that do asbestos, lead abatement and mold remediation must address their pollution and environmental exposures too.