Building & Contents

Your buildings and contents should be protected from damage due to fire, wind, hail, weight of snow, ice, water, vandalism and theft. There are many other perils that you may want to insure. Special coverage is available for equipment breakdown, power interruption, changes in ordinances or laws and other causes of loss.

Builders Risk

A building under construction is a busy, constantly changing environment. Builders Risk insurance covers damage to a building and/or building materials while it’s under construction.

Business Income

This coverage replaces income lost after a covered property loss, enabling your business to continue paying normal expenses—and replace lost profit—while you rebuild.

Contractors Equipment

Businesses can own huge inventory of equipment that is used on their properties and on job sites.  This equipment requires special attention.

Computers and Electronic Equipment

If your computer systems or sophisticated electronics break down, your business could stop dead in its tracks. The right insurance can cover losses due to breakdown.

Inventory and Stock

Did you know you may own your inventory before it arrives at your facility? And you may still own the products you sell even after they leave your facility? NorthBridge can help you protect your inventory and stock at your place of business and throughout the entire chain of custody.