Protecting your family’s future…growing and preserving your assets…preparing for the unexpected. These aren’t just important personal responsibilities,they are foundations of a solid financial plan. At NorthBridge, we know how important it is to be prepared in advance of need. That’s why we have carefully selected strategic partners to assist you with specialized coverage, including:

Life Insurance

You may need life insurance to cover a variety of needs: the financial security of loved ones, education expenses, a home mortgage, estate planning, business legacy planning, final expenses and more. Because individual needs vary so widely, life insurance comes in different forms. Term coverage pays a death benefit during the term of the policy. Permanent insurance provides a death benefit and also builds cash value you can access for future expenses. Within these categories, there are a great many options that let you customize your coverage.

Disability Income Insurance

Your most important asset is your ability to work and earn an income. If you are unable to work as a result of a disabling injury or illness, Disability Income Insurance pays a monthly income benefit, direct to you. This benefit is designed to help you stay financially stable during difficult times. Some employers offer group coverage for disability while individual coverage stays with you even if you change employer.

Long Term Care Insurance

Your health insurance plan probably covers costs related to physician care, hospitalization and prescriptions, but it probably does not cover personal and custodial care such as assisting you with eating, bathing, dressing and activities of daily living. Long Term Care Insurance is designed to cover these supports and services, whether delivered in your home, an assisted living facility or other care environments as well as offer many coverage options.